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Certified Life Coach · IHP · Mentor

"Action is the foundation

of all success"


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Never Settle

For Less 

Many people in our modern world today are stuck working in jobs that they don't like or don't have passion for, resulting in a complete lack of excitement and enthusiasm for their business lives. 


My job as a coach is to help these individuals find their passions again, to create enthusiasm in the work force for them, so they not only are excited to succeed, they become experts in their field. 

Become Passionate Today! 

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Why Coaching?

Coaching helps you accelerate in your career to drive your ambition, enthusiasm and ultimately your profits. Whether you were struggling to find something that is more suitable to your passions or if you are ready to get more excited, to get connected with your clients to create more income for yourself, Never Settle Coaching will help push you to achieve more than you ever thought possible for yourself in your work place as well as any other ambition you are striving for!

In our modern society we often get off track, we lose sight of what we really what with our professional lives and that is why coaching is so effective  - it keeps you on track, excited about what you are working towards and accountable on a consistent basis. 

Coaching Specialties:

Career Goals

Business Development

Sales Coaching

Self Clarity Coaching

Developing Positive Habits 

Health and Fitness Goals

Integrative Health (IHP)  

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Integrative Health Practitioner

As a certified level I IHP, McKinley can help her clients from a holistic approach, helping them eliminate toxins and replace deficiencies along side with her coaching. This allows the overall coaching experience to not only be more effective, but the clients will have a better mindset, sleeping habits, daily routines and much more. For more information about IHP with McKinley, book a discovery session today! 

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Fear  Humility  Acceptance

Get your copy of my new e-book Fear Humility Acceptance and learn how I overcame some unexpected and horrible life challenges through many proven tools and techniques, that I want to share to help you too! 

Click the image to get your copy now! 

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We are here to help coach people to win in life. Winning means everything from achieving goals, being happier, having a successful career, having a loving family and so much more. We are committed to help find and remove any barriers (imagined or real) and feelings of no direction. Using our skills and tools we empower and guide individuals toward specific goals and accomplishments, to find their true purpose in life.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering clients past challenges and negative limiting beliefs, to achieve their full potential, accomplish their ultimate life goals to happiness, success and have complete control in life. 


McKinley Jones | Never Settle Coach
Phone: (713) 231·4010


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm

Sun: Closed

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"McKinley is extraordinarily qualified for this line of work, both professionally and from drawing on her own life experiences.  She is patient, attentive and challenging - all with the appropriate measure and timing.  McKinley has listened and guided me through career and personal trials and has always provided the perfect ear and the coaching I needed to receive to start to make positive changes in my life.  I can't recommend McKinley enough - you will get so much out of this experience!"

J. Thomson - UK

"McKinley Jones has overcome the unimaginable and not only survived but thrived. She brings to coaching a unique ability to help her clients develop resilience and create a positive life plan for moving through whatever obstacles they encounter!"

Dr. K Jaggers

"McKinley is so uplifting and motivating. She embraces life even during the hard times to help you see it as a stepping stone and an opportunity for growth. If you are looking for a nudge to live your best life, I highly recommend her. She has definitely inspired me to take living to the next level."

B. Knox

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