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About McKinley


"I love to see people happy and fulfilled in both their lives and career. Re-found energy and motivation that occur after receiving a purposeful coaching session is extremely satisfying which leads to greater self-awareness, and therefore continued growth in all areas of the client’s life."

Founder of Never Settle Coach

Certified Life Coach & Mentor

I am a survivor, a warrior and a natural born leader, and I am ready to coach you through your challenges and setbacks in your personal life and career. I feel uniquely qualified to help you due to events I have experience in my life and career. My ability to survive and succeed in life is very much due to challenging difficulties I experienced, with the help of many and


trust in God's plan for me.


I was a well-known insurance sales agent for 16 years. My ability to set goals and not only achieve but exceed them led my career to wonderful success. I became a top office manager, leading our office to the top 10 in sales in the nation, as well as securing the top life sales agent position for four consecutive years. My consistent goal achievements led me to become a mentor for many State Farm agents thriving for success. What my family, friends, coworkers didn’t know, is that I was dealing with my own battles, all while

trying to hide it from the world.


My marriage that started out as a seemingly perfect marriage was turning into a nightmare. I discovered my husband (now ex husband) was an alcoholic. After attending rehab for alcoholism, he seemed to improve and he went on to become a paramedic. But his inner demons overpowered him and his addictions became worse. 


Nothing could prepare me for the unpredictable actions of addiction.

His consistent verbal abuse became my "norm", making me feel utter guilt and responsible fo all his problems, like I was always the one to blame. With these worsening addictions, the physical abuse started. I was embarrassed to share my problems with anyone. As the situation got worse over the years he became more violent towards me and others. 

He destroyed his life by his actions and nearly destroyed mine.

He pled guilty for first degree felony, after a painful one and a half years of court appearances and resets. I was broken, left with damaging trauma and the


powerful desire to make sure this does not happen to others. 


I thought that I needed to be strong, and I appeared to the world that I had it all together but the stress only made me sick with anxiety and grief. Gradually as I opened up and became vulnerable with my story, I not only found support, but people that had lived through similar situations. This helped me understand my own situation and ultimately created a new path for my future. My mantra now is: 

"Make a goal, make a plan, do it!" 

If the first plan doesn’t work, make new plan and keep going until you accomplish your goal.

I now proudly help the community by speaking on behalf of the Victims Crime unit to law enforcement and I support Crime Stoppers to assist in the reduction of abuse. With the vulnerability of my story, I am now a successful life and career coach using goal setting and action planning, for a fulfilling future for my clients. I am willing and prepared to help coach you through your story too.

Don’t let anyone steal your joy

McKinley graduated from Texas Tech University, with a degree in Bachelor of Science and minor in Art. She was vice-president and a year later president of her sorority. She became a Professional Coach with the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching and she is a certified level I integrative Health Coach. Her education includes: 


The Science of Well-Being: Yale University

Creative Thinking: Imperial College London

Cognitive Fitness: Harvard Medical School

Certified Life Specialist: Insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance

Life and Health Insurance License

Money Trax Mentor

Stephen Ministry

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