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Career Coaching

Stop Procrastinating - Start Doing! 

Does this sounds familiar?


You get to work, it gets so busy so quickly, you get side tracked with multiple different projects, that you can’t just focus on one. By the end of the day, you have to stay late just to finish on elf the projects and you feel completely overwhelmed and overworked and you didn’t get any actual work done for yourself? 


You need a career coach. 


Career coaching helps you create a timeline for you and your day so that you can stay on track, get things done and stay accountable so that your productivity sky rockets - you don't have to stay late, but you actually increase your motivation and your profits. Plus, the boss loves this work ethic! 

Here are a few free tips: 

1. Write up a TO - DO list: 

  • Start with the hardest tasks first 

  • Write three things that you must accomplish today, and don't stop until those are completely done! 

  • Check off each task as you complete them - check 

2. Learn to say "No"

The magically powers of the word NO! So many people in the working world take on so much, that they are so overwhelmed with work that it not only affects their work ethic, it affects their overall health and well-being. Although it might seem easy to say no, often times it's not because a lot of us are actually people pleasers, and we want to make sure that everyone else is happy before ourselves. So we actually have to train ourselves to say no. 

How to say no: 

  • Start off with small tasks, or if someone asks to go for a coffee break or lunch say "no thank you, I can't today"

  • Then work to saying no to bigger tasks, especially from coworkers and not from higher up. 

  • When you are overloaded, that is when the hard NO's to the bosses come in! 

You need to get your work done first, then you can say yes to helping others! 

3. Stay Focused! 

Focus is easy to lose when life is so busy and you work hard to balance everything out. Some things get more attention than others, but it’s important not to lose sight of your daily tasks and your weekly ambitions!


After you create your task list and you have your top three things that need to get completed today, write out how you are going to complete them! Then write down your biggest challenges that you might face when trying to complete this task, like your cell phone, coffee breaks, Facebook or other colleagues. Then write out how you are going to overcome these challenges! 

Have a Productive Day! 

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