Harmonize Your Lifestyle

Understand ways to balance your lifestyle for peace, happiness and order.
1. Wherever you are, be present. 

If you are at work, think work.  If you are home, think home. Where ever you are be there completely. 

2. Be creative about how you manage your time.

Be creative in finding ways that you can accomplish what you need to do yet still allow you to spend time doing things in your life that bring you harmony. 


3. Practice “letting go” and “holding on.”

Practice understanding what things to say “no” to and then letting go of them. At the same time, think about the things that are truly important in your life and hold on to them with all your might. As your certified life coach & mentor I can help you learn to say no in the stressful situations in life. 

4. Be intentional about whom you “let in your room.”

When we let people into our lives that are caustic, difficult, or toxic it is very tough to get them out. If you want harmony in your life, be more selective about whom you let in your room. It is important to create a positive atmosphere around you, and having the right people in your life will promote happiness and less stress. I will help you learn more about your positive aura as your health coach.

5. Create margins.

Build in free time, family time, personal time into the margins of your day-to-day existence. You’ll be happier for it – I promise.

6. Find balance within others.

What's most important is not how much weight one person carries at any given time, but how you interact with one another, drawing from and giving energy to each other. That's balance.

7. Remember to have fun.

Nothing makes you feel better than a good old-fashioned belly laugh. 

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