Trauma Coaching

Learn ways of acceptance with PTSD and Trauma, with Trauma Coaching

“The subjective experience of trauma is unique and varies according to the individual and the type of trauma. What does not vary is the fact that trauma often results in a devastating intrusion into a wished-for life of peace, calm, and well-being, along with a corresponding unexpected and undesired fragmented sense of self and of life in general.”

— Dr. Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.


Recovery is not immediate for your level of stimulation to drop back to a comfortable/functional range. Recovery is not easy at all and requires an immense amount of courage and personal effort. It is a time where you may risk your entire reality and state of consciousness and have to be willing to face all of your demons again. The “fear energy” that has taken over your body, has prevented you from remembering times in your life when you were actually relaxed. These are memories that have become suppressed, and you cannot cope. With trauma coaching, the fear energy is lost, memories are regained, and through the pain we thrive and become ourselves once again. 

Fight or Flight

There are many different scenarios that can lead a person to experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). As a person who has had to deal with PTSD and knows about the extreme “fight or flight” response and adrenaline that accompanies this severe disorder, I know how painful it can be to deal with. Not everyone with the disorder will “overcome” the severity of symptoms that they experience, but after putting up with the rapid-thinking, extreme sense of fear, flashbacks, and hyperarousal for years, part of you will want to move on.

Helping Others Help Themselves

  • Build safety and trust with peers.

  • Imagine a safe space during a time of stress.

  • Monitor signs of stress or symptoms of PTSD.

  • Change the setup or design of a space that cues traumatic memory.

  • Breathe

Boxed Breathing

Four second rotation of breathing in, holding your breath, breathing out, holding your breath, and repeating.

4 Sec breathing.png

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