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Get your copy of Fear Humility Acceptance, a short biography of McKinley Jones. This story brings you through fear, anxiety and grief but with the understanding and acceptance of McKinley’s situation she was able to excel through her trauma.


Though many people suffer with trauma and PTSD, it is generally not dealt with correctly, leaving people with health and wellness problems, lack of support and the inability to heal. McKinley’s new way of life brings joy to the readers and hope for the future, especially those that are in need of guidance and support.


She is now a life coach and her mission in life is to help those suffering, whether it be trauma, health and wellness, and more using goal oriented coaching. Her support style includes in-depth probing questioning to stimulate the mind/thought process and to help bring back memories and understand traumatic events. Also short-and long-term goal setting that will help with immediate challenges, and planning for your future. This will help reduce fear and create a plan of action to achieve the goals that you have always dreamed of.


If you are looking for support and guidance in life, personal or career, please contact McKinley at


If you are a kindle lover check our book out on Amazon too! 

Fear Humility Acceptance PDF

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