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Stress & Objection Coaching 

Coaching can provide creative tactics to help with stress and objections! 
Here are some tips to help you manage stress! 
1. Wherever you are, be present. 

Staying present means to be in the moment, to focus on what you are doing at that exact moment, instead of your mind wandering, stressing out about things that you may not have total control over.  

2. Be creative about how you manage your time.

Be creative in finding ways that you can accomplish what you need to do yet still allow you to spend time doing things in your life that bring you harmony. 


3. Practice “letting go” and “holding on.”

Practice understanding what things to say let go to and releasing them from your mind and your life. At the same time, think about the things that are truly important in your life and hold on to them with all your might. 

4. Be intentional about whom you “let in your room.”

When we let people into our lives that are caustic, difficult, or toxic it is very tough to get them out. If you want harmony in your life, be more selective about whom you let in your room. It is important to create a positive atmosphere around you, and having the right people in your life will promote happiness and less stress. I will help you learn more about your positive aura as your health coach.

5. Create margins.

Build in free time, family time, personal time into the margins of your day-to-day existence. You’ll be happier for it – I promise.

6. Find balance within others.

What's most important is not how much weight one person carries at any given time, but how you interact with one another, drawing from and giving energy to each other. That's balance.

7. Remember to have fun.

Nothing makes you feel better than a good old-fashioned belly laugh. 

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how I can help change your life as your certified life coach & mentor. 

We deal with objections all the time, at work, at home, wherever! So here are some major objection examples and some action steps you can take to overcome them!
Objection 1: "I don’t have time right now”

This is a great example of an objection because so many people are always SO busy! How can we overcome this objection? 

  1. Agree and relate with them: “You know, I totally understand a busy life, sometimes it feels like my days go by in a heart beat” 

  2. Be open minded to a person's situation and offer creative resolutions. 

  3. If they still “don’t have time” after you have offered a creative solution, be sure to follow up with them often and ask how they are doing. Talk about them, and their lives to show compassion and understanding. Most of the time people’s lives become so busy they forget, and for us to follow up with them they are actually grateful for it!

Objection 2: “It’s too expensive” or “your products are too expensive”

Many of us struggle to make a buck, and to keep it! It’s so important to understand that each person is different and going through different things in life. 

  1. Relate to them: “I understand you might not be ready to add another bill to your monthly bills. But what if I help you find where you might be transferring money unknowingly and unnecessarily? What is “expensive” to you? What if I told you that life insurance can be less than buying pizza for the family once a month? Or going to get manicure and pedicure once a month?” 

  2. Have a very strong knowledge of your products, services and of external policies, so you can offer something within their budget that will offer value to the person and their life. 

  3. Compare to the risks of not having your product or service, and why the value is much more important than the price.


Objection 3: “I already have something similar through my work”

So many people have policies and great features that come with their corporate careers, which is fantastic, but they might not understand in full what they get, or don’t get, so it’s important to: 

  1. Relate to them (as always!) 

  2. Educate them 

  3. Let them know the advantages of what your offering, and what their life would look like if they didn’t have that career, or policy 

  4. Always be open minded to a person's situation

Objection 4: Ghosting!

Ghosting often happens when you haven’t built up that relationship enough, it’s when you are too “salesy” and not interested enough in your client. Here’s how you can overcome this: 

  1. Ask personal questions about your potential client.

  2. Be authentically interested in your clients response! 

  3. Relate to your client

  4. Then offer products or services that will benefit your client, by what they are saying to you! 

  5. Then talk more about your client, the things they love, their families, dogs, kids, etc!

Finally: Never Ever, Ever! Stereotype anyone!

If you are looking to never make a sale, then you will stereotype everyone. The biggest mistake we can make in sales is stereotyping someone, here is how you can overcome this: 

  1. Understanding that everyone's lives is different! 

  2. We don’t know people's lives, that’s why we should never judge someone. 

  3. Never judge a book by its cover

  4. Empathize with a person’s life story 

  5. Be innately curious about the person’s life!

Book your free discovery call now to learn more stress & objections and

how I can help change your life as your certified life coach & mentor. 

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